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My approach to readings and psychic consultations

A private consultation, in my opinion is a sacred and beautiful experience. During these life-changing sessions, it is my job as a spiritual advisor, to lead our time with the utmost of integrity, honesty, love, light and truth. Each client comes to me opening up their hearts and souls trusting in me to provide a safe and loving space for healing, guidance and light. I am deeply honored to be the facilitator and messenger during this sacred and beautiful process. I know that my gifts are from spirit and it is my responsibility to tend to my own personal spiritual, physical and human needs as the vessel and bridge between the physical and non-physical realms. I have facilitated thousands of sessions and am still in awe of the process, healing and transformation that takes place during my private sessions. I truly am blessed and honored to have been given the opportunity to witness and hold space for those who put their faith and trust in my spiritual gifts to assist them as they travel on this Earth Walk.

What to expect from your reading?

Sacred Space

Your session will be conducted in a highly professional manner. The space will be set with prayer and intention. Laurie only facilitates her sessions in sacred space; in the physical and non-physical realms.

Ask Questions

There will be plenty of time to ask any questions that you may have during the session.

Private and Confidential

Your privacy and confidentiality will be honored.

Session Length

During a psychic consultation, Laurie gets right to the point as she opens up the space for spirit to come through. Half an hour is usually sufficient for clients to receive the guidance they are seeking. However, an hour is recommended if it has been a while since your last session and/or if there is a lot going on in your life at this time. Due to the high volume demand for sessions, Laurie will not be able to extend your session.


When seeking Mediumship services, please take note that Laurie cannot guarantee that a requested loved one will come through. There are many reasons why a loved one may not come through in a session. It is important that we not force a connection and allow the process to happen organically.

Guide to Psychic Terms

You may have heard different terms like intuition, clairvoyance, clearing, and more. Each reader will bring a nuanced understanding to each of those terms. Find my understanding for each inside the list!


Facilitating a connection to the other side, the non physical realm. Connections maybe crossed over humans, pets and/or spirit guide.

Past Life

Experience of another lifetime.

Spirit Guide

Non-physical helper whose role is helping you on your Earth Walk.

Higher Self

The non-physical, higher conscious aspect of you that is wise and exists beyond linear time and space.

Grounding Yourself

The act or acts of bringing you back to the present moment so that you are able to focus on the here and now. Grounding may be experienced through activities such as: spending time in nature, holding crystals like black tourmaline, jet, tiger’s eye, using essential oils and/or tree meditations.


Spinning wheels of energy centers that exist in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are 7 main energy centers.


A passed down healing modality that connects one with the Universal Life Force Energy/Light that has consciousness and can facilitate healing for an individual.


Spiritual hygiene is really important! Everything is energy! By using spiritual cleansing practices such as: saging, lighting Palo Santo and praying, you shift the energy in your environment by raising the vibration through these spiritual rituals that have been used in many different cultures.


Saging/Smudging ~ The Spiritual Ritual of lighting the sage plant and using the smoke to clear negativity from a person, place or thing.

Belief System

The way we perceive the world – the world according to our own laws and truths. Belief systems can be limiting and they can be empowering. As one grows as an individual through life experiences, often their beliefs or perspectives shift and change.

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