Spirit Guide Magical Candle with Sodalite Crystals 12oz


Spirit Guide Magical Candle with Sodalite Crystals

  • Spirit Guide connection
  • Psychic development
  • Spirit guide relationship
  • Spiritual helpers

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The Spirit Guide Magical Candle with Sodalite Crystals has been charged with intention and has the perfect blend of aromatherapy to help you connect with your spirit guide. Getting acquainted with your spiritual helpers is an important part of any spiritual journey or self-realization.

Intention: “I call upon my Spirit Guide to light my way in all ways and always.”

100% Soy Wax – Soy wax is 100% vegetable by-product, not a petroleum by-product

Soy candles are easier on people with breathing problems

Soy candle wax burns evenly with a steady flame.

100% Cotton Wick

55 – 60 Hour Burn Time

It is recommended to burn your candle for at least 2 hours to receive the benefits of your intentions.

Tip: This candle is the perfect addition to those who are energy practitioners. By calling Archangel Raphael, you are invoking his healing presence into your space.

Fragrance ~ Notes of spearmint and frankincense

Sodalite unites logic with intuition. It opens spiritual perception and brings information from your Higher Self because it is a truth-seeking stone that encourages rational thought. This stone keeps you grounded so that you stay true to your true Self.
Additional Healing Properties:
🌙 Physically: Sodalite can help balance the metabolism and overcome Calcium deficiencies. It can cleanse the lymphatic system and organs.
🌙Emotionally: Sodalite calms the mind, which allows new information to come through. It releases unnecessary, old mental conditioning.
🌙 Spiritually: Sodalite stimulates the third eye and the pineal gland. It is an excellent companion crystal when trying to reach a deep meditation.


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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.5 in


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