Space Clearing and Blessing Blend

  • Clearing and Blessing Magical Herbal Blend
  • Clears negativity, brings in positive vibes
  • Lavender, rose petals, dragon's blood, orris root, unconditional love and Reiki
  • 8oz



The Space Clearing and Blessing Herbal Blend is a combination of blessed and charged herbs that not only clear your space, they create a sacred environment.

This blend can be used to set sacred space for meditations, healings, ceremony, blessing a home of business as it clears lower vibes as it burns. It is best to burn with a charcoal briquette.

This magical blend was created by Laurie Barraco.

Ingredients: Lavender, Orris Root, Red Rose Petals, Dragon’s Blood, Reiki and Unconditional Love


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