Awaken – Crystal Bowl Meditation MP3


Awaken – A Crystal Bowl Meditation

  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Crystal bowl healing
  • De-stress


The Awaken Crystal Bowl Meditation soothes your soul as as you listen to the healing and gentle vibrations of the crystal bowls.

“I have facilitated hundreds of crystal bowl meditations. Each and every one creates a healing environment where the listener may experience: a healing, clarity, heightened intuition and also messages from spirit.

You may sit up or lie down for the duration of this meditation.

If you should find your body experiencing any discomfort, please breathe through the discomfort and all the energy to flow through your body, down your legs and into the earth for grounding.

Please do allow yourself plenty of time to fully come back to the present moment in your physical body.

I highly suggest that the listener does not attempt to operate any heavy machinery while listening to this meditation.” Laurie Barraco

Length – 50 minutes
Rabbit Music
Album Design/Artwork – Kelly J. Parsons
Producer – Raymond Matthews

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