May 11 // 11:00 am – 2:00 pm // Via Zoom Video
Online Class

Are you interested in learning how to read the traditional Tarot deck? During this workshop, Professional Psychic/Medium, Teacher, Author and owner of The Mystical Moon, Laurie Barraco will guide you through the process of creating a sacred space for readings, opening up your psychic channel and creating a solid foundation for reading the traditional Tarot deck.

* We will be working with the Rider Waite Deck, please be sure to have your Rider Waite Deck to practice.

Join us Online & Learn how to use your Tarot Cards
Learn the Card Meanings
How to do different layouts & Spreads!
Learn how to trust your own intuition!

May 13th // 7 pm EST // Facebook Event

Ready to learn how to read Oracle Cards?

We will meet via Facebook Group – A link will be emailed to you!

June 15th // 11am-1pm // Via Zoom Video

The Mediumship Class with Laurie Barraco will help you develop your mediumship skills in a way that will help you communicate with those on the other side. If you are interested in enhancing your mediumship skills, then this is the class for you.

Psychic Medium Laurie Barraco has created this class to help students to develop their own mediumship abilities and feel comfortable with the information that they are able to relay courtesy the other side.