Do you long to communicate with the other side?

Do you have a passed over loved one that you want to connect with?


Are you ready?

It is possible to connect with the other side!

Learn how to:

Create a Protected Environment

Relax and Open to Messages

Discern Meaning

Deepen Psychic Abilities

All included in this amazing course!


Guided Meditation

Guided meditation to help you connect deeply with those on the other side.


Video Presentation

Downloadable video presentation with Laurie. Plus a PDF download.

Easy Access

Download directly to your computer for easy access and listening!

Praise for Mediumship!

“I was able to connected with passed loved one’sin a way I never thought possible!”

“This class opened up a whole new level of connection with the other side. Laurie is such a great teacher – I’m excited to take all her courses.”

“I have been a long time follower of Laurie, her integrity and real world-ness is always so refreshing!”


In the Mediumship Workshop with Laurie Barraco, Laurie will share with you her top tips on how you too can connect to the other side easily, safely and get the most out of your connections!.

The Mediumship Class with Laurie Barraco will help you develop your mediumship skills in a way that will help you communicate with those on the other side.

If you are interested in enhancing your mediumship skills, then this is the class for you. Psychic Medium Laurie Barraco has created this class to help students to develop their own mediumship abilities and feel comfortable with the information that they are able to relay courtesy the other side.

Laurie Barraco is the owner of two metaphysical centers in SW Florida. Teaching is one of Laurie’s biggest passions and sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has acquired over the past 20 years through her one on one sessions with clients, personal studies and countless teaching sessions with clients.

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