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“I didn’t realize how many block I had until this class helped me remove them! Now things are flowing better than ever!”

“Love love love the guided meditation. So helpful for me. I listen all the time!”

“I have been a long time follower of Laurie, her integrity and real world-ness is always so refreshing!”


In the Magic of Manifesting Workshop with Laurie Barraco, Laurie will share with you her top tips on how you too can align yourself with the limitless Universal Flow of Energy.

Material Covered in this Class:

• Learning how to recognize your own blockages
• Releasing and healing emotional negative thought patterns
• Shift out of old belief systems and self sabotaging patterns
• Stepping into the Flow and how to stay in the vortex of abundance consciousness

Laurie Barraco is the owner of two metaphysical centers in SW Florida. Teaching is one of Laurie’s biggest passions and sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has acquired over the past 20 years through her one on one sessions with clients, personal studies and countless teaching sessions with clients.

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