The moon is gearing up for quite the show on October 28th – a dramatic total lunar eclipse in the grounded, sensual sign of Taurus. Also known as the Hunter’s Moon, this full moon gets its name from the hunting season and preparations for the winter months ahead.

Eclipses shake things up and shed light on what needs to change in our lives, so this one will illuminate our relationships, values, finances, and connection to our bodies and the material world.

Astrologically, with the sun in mysterious Scorpio opposing the eclipse, secrets may be revealed. Anything we’ve swept under the rug could come to the surface. There may be power struggles around shared resources. But eclipses eventually lead to renewal, so trust this is clearing away what needs to go to make space for rebirth.

To align with the lunar eclipse energies, I suggest working with black tourmaline, smoky quartz, and hematite crystals. These stones offer grounding, protection, and support as we navigate internal and external shifts. Light a candle with patchouli, sandalwood, or cinnamon essential oil to promote comfort and security. Brew a cup of chamomile, mint, or lemon balm tea to ease stress.

Here are a few rituals to try:

  • – Cleanse your home to purge stagnant or negative energy – open windows, ring bells, burn sage or palo santo, sweep out entryways.
  • Take a meditative walk outside barefoot – feel your feet connecting to the earth. Notice what needs releasing in your mind, then visualize roots growing from your feet, grounding you.
  • Make a list of your values – reflect on what’s important to you financially, materially, in relationships, regarding your body/health. Nurture those values during the full moon and release what conflicts with them.

For deeper insight, here’s a 3 card tarot spread for the eclipse:

1) What needs releasing:

2) What needs nurturing:

3) What’s being renewed:

Trust the messages these cards convey. The lunar eclipse spotlights your soul’s needs. Release fear, open up, and allow positive change to blossom! Let me know what comes up for you during this magical moon.

In Light & Shadow,