On September 29 at 5:57 a.m. ET, we will witness the Full Supermoon in Aries, a celestial event marking a time of boldness entwined with balance. This isn’t just any Full Supermoon; it’s also the Harvest Moon, a period traditionally linked with fruition and the upcoming colder seasons. It’s a significant time when the courageous energy of Aries aligns with the balanced nature of Libra, urging us to harmonize our contrasts and rethink our approaches and relationships.

I have compiled this guide to offer a clear overview, practical advice, and recommend tools and products to effectively harness the energies of this celestial event. My hope is that these insights will assist you in navigating this powerful moment, enabling you to reconcile and align various aspects of your life more harmoniously.

Supermoon in Aries:
The Supermoon offers heightened intuition and clarity. Aries amplifies this with its inherent boldness and courage, encouraging decisive actions and authentic expressions.

Sun in Libra:
Being in Libra, the Sun shines a light on the importance of harmony and balance in relationships. It prompts a balanced approach, marrying assertiveness and peace, during this time.

Harvest Moon Influence:
The Harvest Moon brings a reflective period to assess our growth, learnings, and the fruits of our past efforts. It’s a call to acknowledge, celebrate, and release, paving the way for new beginnings.

Crystals and Products:
1. Red Jasper and Selenite: For harnessing courage and aligning with lunar energies.
2. Rose Quartz and Full Moon Spray: To foster harmony and cleanse the aura.
3. Moonstone: To attune to intuitive energies.
4. Lapis Lazuli and Cord Cutting Spray or Candle: For gaining insight and releasing past bonds.

Clearing Tools and Products:
1. Sage or Palo Santo Bundle/Spray: Use these for purifying and balancing energies; both are available in traditional form or as a convenient spray.
2. Full Moon Candle or Archangel Michael Candle: Opt for grounding and connecting with lunar energies or invoking protection and clarity, respectively.
3. Archangel Michael Spray: Ideal for clearing and shielding energies, creating a harmonious and protected space.

Practical Rituals:
1. Moon Bathing with Full Moon Spray: Align and cleanse your energies under the Supermoon.
2. Balancing Meditation with Cord Cutting Candle: Harmonize the conflicting energies within.
3. Crystal Charging with Selenite: Harness the Supermoon’s empowering and healing energies.

Journal Prompts:
1. Seek Balance: How can I implement a balanced approach in my relationships?
2. Invoke Courage: Where can I assert myself more and take decisive steps?
3. Harmonize Relationships: What actions can I take to foster more balanced connections?
4. Assess and Release: What have I accomplished, and what do I need to release to move forward?

The Full Supermoon in Aries, aligning with the Harvest Moon, is a pivotal time, highlighting the need for both boldness and balance. It’s a practical reminder to align our actions and thoughts with the equilibrium we seek.

Using the mentioned crystals, oils, and selected products like the Full Moon and Cord Cutting Sprays and Candles can significantly aid in making the most out of this celestial event. I’ve found these tools to be beneficial, grounding, and practical in both my professional and personal life.

I hope the provided insights and tools prove to be helpful to you in navigating this time, offering a straightforward approach to integrating the energies at play. Let’s use this opportunity to refine our paths and develop a deeper understanding and balance in our lives.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco