One of the most frequently asked questions we receive as spiritual advisors are what is my purpose? 

The tricky thing is that this question is often asked during a mini-session of 30 minutes or sometimes 15 minutes.

BTW, no one can hand you the exact blueprint of your purpose(s). Yes, there are things we can do to understand more about our paths. We can seek mentoring coaching sessions like spiritual consultations, astrological charts, Human Design, and numerology sessions. 

However, when tying it all together, only the individual can have clarity because only the seeker will know if they are aligned.

When we are unclear of our path, we feel lost, sometimes depressed, and unhappy because we aren’t in our flow.

When we are on our path, we are happier and healthier, and life is good.

I have come to understand over the years with my journey and as I’ve mentored thousands of clients that our purpose changes, and aligning with our purpose are why we are here.

We seek to find our purpose; however, our purpose is tucked behind and under what isn’t our purpose. In other words, we have experiences to help us learn, grow, and heal, and sometimes that is our purpose for that time being. Then our path changes, and there is another destination that the soul has mapped out for us with events we experience along the way.

What do we learn as we align with purpose? 

  • Who we are and aren’t
  • How to implement our gifts and passions
  • How to unravel outdated belief systems
  • We heal ancestral patterns
  • That the personality self goes through many different identities and interests
  • Where we thrive and don’t thrive
  • How to create healthy boundaries

We begin to understand the divine plan and order of events in our lives if we pay attention to the patterns, orchestration, and timelines of the architecture of our life path.

Key Points To Keep In Mind

  • There are specific life events that your soul has decided to experience, and sometimes your purpose at the time is to make it through those experiences.
  • You know when you’re in the flow and when you’re not. Pay attention to the signs around you and check in with your inner self, emotions, and thoughts. Do you feel happy, sad, or anxious? These are all indicators of alignment.
  • Sometimes we are in the uncomfortable place of stagnancy, or as I have come to understand, we are in a place of integration. We are integrating the shifts in consciousness and allowing the psyche and spiritual DNA to recalibrate.
  • Your path will adjust slightly according to your understanding of the how’s, why’s, and why not in your life. Translation; your evolution and life purpose adjust according to your consciousness.
  • You will never have an experience that isn’t for your highest and best good. You may be uncomfortable, sad, frustrated, and disappointed; however, the soul has decided that this experience is purposeful for your evolution. 
  • The more you understand who you are and what is healthy for you and what isn’t, the more aligned and at peace you will be with your path. 
  • I wish we had a legend key to help us that wasn’t always in hieroglyphics; however, the signs are always there, but we sometimes need to pay attention to them.

Remember, you’re always where you are supposed to be, and when it’s time for a change, there will be change whether you think you’re ready or not. You are multidimensional, and your multidimensional self is always ready and there to help and guide you.

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco 🌙✨🌙