Have you ever felt lost and unsure of what path to take next? Or wondered if you were wasting your time pursuing the current path to which you have dedicated your time and energy? You, my friends, are not alone. We all experience confusion, feel lost, and struggle to find our internal compass.

There is good news, though. We all have a built-in compass called our intuition. And there is always a divine plan that we aren’t privy to, but our higher self, guides, and the other souls we are co-creating with are privy to the details of the divine plan.

If we are intuitive and have this internal GPS, why don’t we have the facts? I believe it’s because we are here to have the human experience and the details of what is planned are where our growth, healing, and alchemical transformation take place. However, we can learn to retrain our thought processes and track the signs and symbolism of our higher self and spirit council to anchor and ground ourselves as a way to prevent the anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed when we are in that awkward in-between place.

If you were to reflect upon your journey and recall the times when you were riddled with stress because you felt lost, you would find a rhythm as to how your intuition dropped in some clues as to where you were going, kind of like a treasure hunt. We haven’t been dropped here on this planet without assistance, even though we may feel as if we’ve been abandoned and that our spirit team has forgotten us. There is a treasure waiting for us on the other side of our challenges, and we are here to overcome these challenges and ancestral karmic patterns.

Intuitive Tracking Tips

  • Keep a journal nearby you at all times. There will be intuitive messages and signs that you may forget later.
  • Pay attention to the repetitive numbers that you often see.
  • Check in with your solar plexus and heart chakras. What are they telling us? Are they saying something isn’t right, or do you experience calmness as you inquire about the situation?
  • When feeling frustrated, ask yourself whether your goal is EGO-based or soul-based. There is a difference.If you are pushing towards an EGO-based goal, you will experience even more frustration and walls as you try to ignore and overlook the Intuitive Tracking signs.
  • The Earth is an oracle; many messages are sent to us through the weather, birds, aromas, and even plants and trees.
  • When you are feeling stagnant and lost, meditate more frequently. You don’t need to spend hours in meditation; 10-20 minutes is plenty of time to tune out the outside world and tune into your higher self.
  • Honor the sacred pause. If you feel hesitation, then don’t rush to make a decision or move. Stay with the nudging from your higher self and let the impulse pass. This pause guides us and protects us from taking the long and painful route toward our goals.
  • Work on your wide-angle vision skills. Wide-angle vision is the ability to sense the energies from the corners of your eyes. You will be able to track the subtle changes around you.
  • Some random thoughts aren’t random and are clues to what is possible. This is where we begin to notice an outline of the puzzle, and the pieces start falling into place. When this happens, we can breathe a sigh of relief as the divine plan begins to form.

Remember that each of us has an intuitive language, and the symbolism and messages will vary from person to person. Learning how to fine-tune your Intuitive Tracking ability will help you move into a calmer and more trusting state of being rather than panicked when you don’t know which direction to move into next.

Your soul knows there are clues, tips, hints, and breadcrumbs just ahead; relax and enjoy the wild ride.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco