Leo season starts with a substantial cosmic BANG with the New Moon on July 28th as we continue to experience the cosmic downloads from the Lion’s Gate Portal. The energetic alignments are lined up to anchor self-love, confidence, intuition, soul purpose, and deep soul healing that will move through many layers of personal and ancestral karma.

I invite you to reflect upon your path, check in with your heart and soul, and assess whether you truly are aligned with your joy-filled purpose. Let’s face it, when we aren’t aligned with our purpose, we feel out of sorts, depressed, and sometimes lost. It’s as if we are hungry and yearning for that sense of purpose.

New Moon ~ July 28th

The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings, fresh new starts, and planting seeds for the future. This New Moon is in the sun sign of Leo. Leo is immense heart energy, love with a capital “L.” Leos are passionate, thrive when they are the center of attention, have an enormous capacity to love fiercely, and downtime where they can play, laugh and delve into creative activities. It’s a time to speak your truth and lift the ceiling you’ve put on yourself by playing small.

Lion’s Gate Portal ~ July 26th ~ August 12th

The Lion’s Gate Portal began on July 26th and carried through August 12th. The peak day for the Lion’s Gate Portal is August 8th. The Lion’s Gate Portal opens when the Sun and Earth align with the star Sirius and the Galactic Center. During this time, this Portal creates an opening where codes of ascension are anchored in the collective and individual consciousnesses.

The number 8  ~ August 8th is the Infinity Loop, and on this day, the energies and downloads are at their peak. Codes of remembrance of what we already know are available to each of us now. It is such a potent time for releasing, healing and realigning with our purpose in this lifetime. It’s an excellent time for reflection on where we have been, where we are, and where we are heading.

Jupiter Retrograde ~ July 28th ~ November 23rd

The planet Jupiter holds the energy of expansion and our fullest potential. A retrograde isn’t something to be feared. They invite us to go inwards and reflect upon the planet’s energies. Jupiter is all about luck, abundance, potential, and happiness; during these next few months, we are being called to ask ourselves, where am I playing small? Am I giving my all? Why do I feel intimidated? Do I look outside of myself for joy and love?

Suggestions For Working With These Big Cosmic Energies

  • Keep your journal nearby to write down the downloads that have been coming through
  • Set time aside daily for meditation and reflection time
  • Wear yellow
  • Clear, balance, and activate your solar plexus
  • Carry or wear these crystals: citrine, tiger’s eye, sunstone, yellow calcite, and pyrite
  • Light a yellow or orange candle
  • Work with calendula or sunflowers
  • Take a salt bath to cleanse your auric field
  • If something isn’t a solid sacred yes, then it needs to go with love, grace, and gratitude
  • Don’t shy away from speaking your truths to others and yourself
  • Who would you be if you lived authentically as your true self?
  • Don’t shy away from your fears; embrace them and see them for what they are
  • Write down your heart-felt dreams on a piece of paper and use your voice to speak them into existence
  • Spend some time outside with the stars


Lastly, don’t forget that you are Soul Royalty, who chose to experience this lifetime at this period in linear time. Sometimes you’ve got to put your crown on and step into the magnificence that you are.

Here’s to living the life we know if possible 🥂🦁 👑

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Freyja Hathor Atlantia Morgana