July’s Channeled Transmission from the Sacred Seven:

We acknowledge all that the collective is experiencing on planet, Earth. Nothing is taking place that hasn’t been agreed upon by all soul parties involved, in the collective egregore and individual egregors.

You may feel at times that it’s all too much and that you do not have the strength, patience, or support to navigate through turbulent waters, but in truth, you do. You have come to this planet with toolboxes and backpacks that are seen and unseen helpers, allies, and lifelines.

Your Higher Self and your spirit team are the most powerful allies you have. You possess within you the most incredible wisdom that is often not sourced and ignored by you daily. We have suggestions on navigating through turbulent waters and invite you to share them with others often.

  • Choose the seeds you decide to plant, water, and nurture. Are you choosing to nurture seeds of negativity, gossip, healthy eating, and habits? You can choose to stay in low vibrational frequencies or move your thoughts and attention into alignment with what you desire.
  • Tend to your body. If you don’t rest your body and eat well, it will crash and take you out of commission for as long as is needed.
  • Write down the dreams that you can remember when you rise. They will provide you with a behind-the-scenes look at what is going on in your subconscious and the astral realms.
  • Read. Read books and articles that stimulate thought-provoking processes. We want to add that the occasional romance novel can stimulate hope and open one’s heart, but that is another transmission for another time.
  • Clear your inner and outer spaces often. A good smudging can do wonders. Invite the light in as you cleanse.
  • Open your mind to new ideas and be willing to change your processes. Being creatures of habit is one of the self-sabotaging actions that trips up this planet.
  • Listen more, talk less. There is so much wisdom to be gained by being present and listen for what is and isn’t be communicated.
  • Express your heartfelt gratitude daily. There is much to celebrate on this plane
  • Let go of perfectionism in yourself and others. Most are doing the best they can at every given moment, you included.
  • Go outside, connect, and commune with the elements. Gaia is incredibly healing and wise.

In closing, we want to remind you that your life, your moment-to-moment existence, is constantly changing and what was pressing in one moment will change in the next. There is a wise saying, and that is that this too shall pass. It is a true statement, and you can count on it.

Until next time ~ Be well, be light, remember you are the Light,

The Sacred Seven ✨

The Sacred Seven is a collective channeled by Oracular Prophetess and High Priestess of Avalon, Laurie Freyja Hathor Atlantia Morgana