This month’s Full Moon provides us an opportunity to unpack some emotional baggage that we’ve been carrying around longer than necessary. The Moon is in the sign of Cancer, a water sign, and when we add the water element of the Full Moon, we can expect to experience an emotional rollercoaster or two.

The exact Full Moon time is January 17th at 6:51 pm EST, but we will be feeling the energies a few days before and after the Full Moon.

Full Moon

Full Moon’s are a time of releasing and completion. We can harness the energies of the Full Moon to help us send out intentions of completion out into the Universe. Our intuition is heightened during the Full Moon, and our emotions and desires rise to the surface.

The Moon in Cancer

Cancer’s element is water, and water is connected to our emotional nature, and it’s so essential that Cancers have a solid home base. Don’t be surprised if you want to shift the energy in your home.

Wolf Moon

January’s Full Moon is known as the Wolf Moon Each Full Moon of the month was given a specific name by the Native American, European, and Colonial cultures. January has assigned the name the Wolf Moon because you can heal wolves communicating with each other at this time. Also, wolves howl when they are hungry. What are you hungry for? What are you craving, and what is lacking in your life?

Mercury Retrograde

We are moving into another Mercury Retrograde cycle which begins January 14 and wraps up on February 3. Mercury Retrograde cycles impact our conversations with others, electronic devices, may create a delay in our travel plans, and it’s the time for redoing, revisiting, and revamping.

What can we expect to experience during this Full Moon phase?

  • Restlessness at night, not being able to sleep

  • Childhood memories might be popping up

  • Heightened intuitive senses

  • Mood swings

  • Tardiness

  • Possible communication issues

  • The strong desire to express yourself and be heard

  • Solar plexus issues

  • A desire to connect with water

  • Interesting dreams

  • Visits from people from your past


Suggestions On How To Integrate The Energies

  • Soak in a tub with sea salt, Himalayan salt, and your favorite calming herbs
  • Light a candle; blue or silver 
  • Give yourself plenty of time for travel
  • Be clear with your dialog with others
  • Make moon water for your altar, for bathing in
  • Chill out
  • Ask yourself where are these emotions coming from
  • Let it go
  • Meditate

These cosmic events are always here to support us with getting out of our own way if we take the time to understand what is happening and why.

Blessings and Light,