2021 was a year of ups, downs, thrills, chills, surprises, but most importantly, it was a year that brought wisdom, growth, and healing through the experiences that took place on this magnificent planet, Gaia. These experiences had a significant impact on both the collective and individual consciousness.

In our lifetime, we have many resources at our fingertips. We have access to the internet which can connect us with loved ones. We can take classes online. We can send a message to someone instantly. We can also go shopping online from the comforts of our own homes. Yet, we still struggle with the same human moral dilemmas; judgment, poverty, illness, greed, addictions, and the list goes on and on.

What does fulfilling our individual Soul Contracts look like for the individual and the collective? How can we break the unhealthy cycles that many generations experience? These questions are important because if we have all of these luxuries at our fingertips, why are we struggling, and why are we still experiencing the same karmic patterns that keep looping like a stuck vinyl record? Have we not learned from the past? Have we not taken the lessons of our ancestors and the lessons of different cultures to heart?

Of course, the answers to these questions are complex, or are they? The questions I ask myself are; How can I make a difference? Am I living consciously and taking responsibility for my life, the decisions I make, and the actions I take and don’t take in my life? Am I living an authentic life? Am I honoring my path, my truths, my passions, and my shortcomings? Do I take time to relax and enjoy my beloved friends and family? Am I listening to my body? What is its message for me?

As I sat down to channel this transmission, these points for reflection came through. I know many of you have had similar realizations through your own experiences, whether this year or in previous years, and some of these messages aren’t necessary to your Soul’s evolution.

  • Time and energy are precious commodities. We cannot take back the moment after it has passed. Yes, we are all aware of this, yet we don’t always honor our time or another person’s time.
  • Not everyone is on the same wavelength, and that’s ok. If you are frustrated because another isn’t appearing to be living consciously, it really isn’t our business. And who is to say that what you may judge or be judged as having limited belief systems may not necessarily be the case. We help others align with their potential by aligning without our potential by being aware of our projections.
  • It’s true; some are here for a season, and some for a reason. And no relationship lasts longer than what is necessary for the Soul Contracts of all parties involved. You will not miss out on a purposeful Soulmate relationship. It’s that simple.
  • Not everything requires a reaction for me. I can go about my day without reacting or speaking up when it is unnecessary. I don’t have to change other people’s beliefs, especially if they did not ask for my opinion. I can keep my opinion to myself if no one has asked.
  • Two people can have completely opposite perspectives of what is happening, and neither is incorrect. We experience life through the lens of our personalities and our life experiences. We cannot provide any statement without having our belief systems flavoring our opinions. Mind your own business and tend to your own garden.
  • Money is energy, and often it isn’t appreciated or respected. When we spend frivolously, we aren’t honoring the blessings we have received as a direct manifestation of our efforts. If you find yourself pressured to spend money, some reflection around money, energy, and gratitude is in order as to why you are in the situation of feeling pressured to spend your earnings carelessly.
  • Self-care is so important now more than ever. If you are tired, rest. If you need to disconnect from society, disconnect. The belief that rest and self-care are signs of being weak or not being a warrior is outdated and ridiculous. Our bodies communicate with us 24/7, and it’s important to pay attention to what our bodies need from us.
  • There are consumers, and there are those who are in an equal exchange of energy. Know the difference. Yes, there are takers out there, and there are those we are in equal flow with. If we find ourselves in relationships where we are constantly giving without any reciprocation, we eventually begin to resent these relationships. Creating healthy boundaries around these situations falls upon each person to create those boundaries.
  • Nothing is guaranteed in life. Sometimes there are plot twists, which usually turn out better than we had hoped. Be flexible and go with the flow. There is always a Divine Order behind each experience. 
  • There are portals of opportunity that briefly open for a specific Soul experience. These don’t happen often, and sometimes walking through these portals is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These portals are created astrologically, cosmically, and consciousness-wise.
  • Don’t take blessings for granted, and always remain humble, grateful, and kind. We all experience Dark Nights of The Soul, and we never know when the next Night will take place.
  • The concept of alignment is essential to understanding how we manifest and why sometimes we don’t get what we desire. Some alignments are not in alignment with our Soul’s Agenda. What the Ego might believe as something desirable, the Divine Self says, not so fast, that desire is not in alignment with the Divine Plan of your Soul Path.
  • Give yourself permission to remove yourself from things that don’t bring you joy, no matter how much you have invested in the relationship, project, or job. Eventually, you will experience situations that will help you move on, and often those situations aren’t pleasant. You deserve to be happy. Period.
  • And last but not least, spend time around people that bring joy into your life and be that person who leaves others better off than when they met them.

You are here for many reasons, and those reasons are important no matter how insignificant you may think these reasons are. Your light and Divine Soul are needed on this planet, right here, right now.

I hope this channeling resonates with you and inspires you to live life to the fullest, love with your whole heart, and dare live a magical life.

Blessings and Love,