What is a conscious living individual?

Here is my interpretation of the characteristics of a conscious living person:

  • Is mindful of the energy they are putting forth, 
  • They understand cause and effect, accountability, recognize healthy relationships, toxic ones, 
  • Is dedicated to doing the right thing to the best of their abilities. 
  • Most are empaths, and as the soul ascension process continues, they become more sensitive to their environment. 
  • Many of the rituals, prayers, and spiritual hygiene techniques they’ve used in the past, aren’t as effective as they once were because their frequency is different, and so is the collective frequency.

Just because you try to do the above things doesn’t mean you always do the right thing or have missteps. I believe we all have areas where we need to pay extra attention because they are our sensitive areas where we can grow and evolve.

Even though you are sensitive and try to honor everyone, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with feeling off. There are things that we can do to empower ourselves.

Here are some of my tips and suggestions:

  • Clear your energy field with sage, palo santo. What if you don’t have these things? Oils, aromatherapy, and sprays work beautifully.
  • Don’t let yourself go energetically 🙂 
  • Prayer of protection
  • Protective bubble
  • If you feel your environment is overwhelming, it could be that the vibration is different between you and the other parties or the place where you are physically at. Take a moment to assess what’s going on by putting yourself in the present moment. Different doesn’t mean it’s bad or is going to harm you or give you the kooties.
  • Choose your battles with people with different belief systems. Often each person has strong opinions, and each party is entitled to their own perspective. Not engaging in drama is a power move.
  • Stay off social media if you’re triggered. Chances are, the nonsense doesn’t really matter. People usually have made their minds up, and we aren’t here to make people change their minds. They have their own helpers to help with that.
  • Regarding social media ~ It’s not real. Most things that people share aren’t proven, and often, the sources they are quoting aren’t valid or backed up. Does it really matter?
  • We all have different truth grids. Grids can be described as belief systems, matrixes, energetic motherboards that vary upon the individual. Set the intention with your higher self to be in alignment with the truths of your divine self.
  • Cut those cords often. 
  • Be mindful of the television shows you watch before bed. They do have an impact on your dreams and sleep experience.
  • Use aromatherapy that resonates with you, the same with crystals. I sprinkle lavender on my pillowcase and have rose quartz, howlite, and amethyst on my nightstand.
  • I count my blessings before bed.
  • If I feel jittery, I will wear grounding jewelry bracelets, earrings, rings, or necklaces with tiger’s eye, black tourmaline, hematite, black onyx, or obsidian.
  • I use Reiki symbols in my space and on myself; I do self Reiki and often ask my Reiki practitioner friends to send me energy.
  • Being awake ~ What does that mean? Being a conscious living individual? It is different for each person. It is a pet peeve of mine. Who is to say who is and who isn’t awakened? The awakened wouldn’t say they are awakened or have a deeper understanding than others. Declaring so is an opinion. 
  • Speaking of opinions ~ everything is pretty much an opinion. 
  • You, and only you, have “control” over your thoughts and where your energy goes. Meditation can assist you with filtering your thoughts from your ego and outside influences.
  • Along the way, sometimes we become irritated by music, sounds, smells, foods, etc. As the observer, inquire within as to why you are having this reaction.
  • Pay attention to your natural rhythms and, if at all possible, manage your life around these rhythms. Do you need more sleep? Less? When are you more productive?
  • When you want to infuse positive energy into your space, write down your intention, such as my happy and safe place? How about a “This house is blessed” welcome mat. You can also write your intentions underneath the mat, or table, bed, or even chair. Do not cross any free will boundaries. Always have permission from others.
  • Create a crystal grid with an empowering intention in mind.
  • Work with the phases of the moon, waning, waxing, and riding the wave of the lunar event. 
  • Get to know the elements; earth, water, air, and fire. Implementing them into your life will help you to bring more balance.

I hope is that these suggestions are helpful for you all. I’ve used many of them throughout the years, and Spirit has channeled others for myself, and as I share, some may resonate with you as they have for myself. 

You are magical beings, my friends, and you have the power, wisdom, strength, and courage within you to align yourself with your soul’s destiny. 

Much Love and Magic,