One of the blessings that I receive as a Psychic Medium Chanel is that as I relay the messages from Spirit to my clients, I witness the profound insights that make their way from the spirit realm, through me, and then to the client. I treat my practice as sacred and do not share the experience in my sessions; however, sometimes, there are golden nuggets that I know others would benefit from the spirit transmission during a private session. Last week’s session with a lovely long-time client had some wisdom that I know we all could benefit from. I have permission from my client to share the messages that came through regarding the collective exhaustion that the majority is experiencing.

My client’s questions for her Ancestors were why am I so tired, and why is my body achy and in so much pain? I am resting and eating well, and I am struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These questions are coming up for so many at this time, and it seems as if we aren’t able to figure out what to do to feel healthier, have more stamina, and stop being so grumpy and negative.

Here is what the Ancestors had to say:

You are experiencing such challenges with your body, mind, and spirit because Mother Earth has undergone a significant shift in her vibration and consciousness.  The old Mother Earth does not exist. She has been going through many changes and has over time. The way you relate to your everyday living is no longer aligned with the vibration of the Earth Mother. It is going to take time to adjust to her vibration. There have been physical changes, consciousness changes, species changes, and frequency changes on this planet, the conscious entity that you live upon. She has experienced an evolution. Therefore, the beings on this planet are connected with her and are required to adjust according to her, not the other way around. A perfect example of this is getting used to or adapting to a new dance partner after you’ve been dancing with the same partner all of your life. By the way, each generation will experience Mother Earth’s shifts, and those living on the planet will need to adjust accordingly. It happens every hundred years or so.

The channeled message resonated with me, and I know it will resonate for many of you. I do have a few suggestions to help with the adjustment process:

  • If you need to rest, then rest. Listen to your body, mind, and soul.
  • Connect with nature, honor the elements, talk to the trees, plants, the wind, the rain, the river, and the animals. Mother Earth has many inhabitants. Pay attention to how wildlife and the plants and trees adjust. They don’t question. They pause, listen, and adjust accordingly.
  • Eat foods and liquids that have a high vibration. Listen to your body. If your body rejects what you’re putting in your body, then change up what you’re ingesting.
  • Whether played or listened to, drumming will help you to recalibrate with the natural heartbeat of Mother Earth.
  • Be flexible and open to change. Go with the flow. If your body and soul’s rhythms have changed, then change up your schedule.

The message I channeled is being shared for contemplation. Is it possible you might need medical or mental care? Absolutely. Spirit always wants us to take care of ourselves, and sometimes we need traditional medicine, and sometimes, we need a natural and spiritual approach.

I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment or email me.

Be Well, Be Light,