Today I wanted to talk about getting unstuck and back into alignment with our destinies which, by the way, is an ongoing process that we will most likely continue to experience these ascension steps in our lives.

What are old storylines? They are the stories we tell and retell about our experiences. They also can be described as our belief systems. Because something takes place, we then take that experience, and it becomes a truth, a belief for us. 

The belief is then the creator of our experiences based upon the framework of our experiences. The mind says, oh, this has happened because of this. Therefore, this must be our truth or the truth when this or that happens.

Everything we experience is based upon our belief systems. They set the tone for our life experiences. Yes, we have our destined paths. However, it is our beliefs that create the framework or architectural design for our lives. 

These frames of reference serve us for as long as they are needed or are purposeful. Oftentimes, we outgrow them, and that’s where things get interesting for us.

When we are ready to deconstruct old storylines, the opportunity to do so is placed before us so that we don’t overlook the opportunities to shift them. Sometimes it’s the cosmic 2×4, and sometimes, it’s a subtle shift in perspective. 

Here are some examples of common storylines:

  • You have to work hard to be abundant
  • All the good ones are taken
  • I’m not good enough or worthy
  • The last time I tried this, I failed
  • That will never happen

We have all been “there” and will probably be “there” again at some point in our lives.

Here are some suggestions that we can integrate to assist with the untangling, refocus, and recalibrating process:

  • Try to not judge yourself for having these thoughts and these experiences and not being where you thought you should be
  • Inner reflections will help as you ask yourself: why does this keep occurring, do I see a pattern, are these thoughts I have absolutely true, do these thoughts serve me as a foundation for the life I dream of for myself, are these beliefs mine or were they learned from my environment.
  • Take these storylines, bring them into your heart, give them love, then release them.
  • Stay with the beliefs, don’t run away from them
  • Tap or use EFT techniques
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Work with affirmations, reprogramming 
  • Have a releasing or burning ceremony as you say goodbye to the old beliefs
  • Cut your cords frequently and seal up your auric field as you do so
  • Surround yourself with people who are positive, empowered, and who you feel comfortable around
  • Reward yourself every time you shift out of old pattern thinking; you can use positive words, treat yourself to a spa day after making significant progress. You know what works for you.
  • Schedule spiritual maintenance sessions for yourself such as Reiki as is needed to help bring light to fill in the spaces where the old beliefs resided.
  • Work with a mentor or soul coach that has expertise in this area or have an accountability buddy that you can bounce ideas or epiphanies off of.

Each time you shift out of old patterns and self-sabotaging belief systems, you are realigned with your soul and your soul’s destiny. There usually is a period of peace, contentment, and getting used to how you experience life from this new and higher vantage point. 

The beauty in this process is that we are shown which limiting beliefs we have one or two at a time. It’s an unfolding, undoing, and uncovering process that has its own process and path. Thank goodness we don’t have all of our limiting views tossed at us at once to sort through. The soul carefully has this journey mapped out. And the truth is once we see something without blinders, there isn’t any going back, unseeing it or unknowing it. Well, we could, but we then are only kidding ourselves.

My final words of advice are to be patient with your process. Some beliefs are wedged deep within your beingness and have been handed down from generation to generation, and they may be more challenging to free yourself from their clutches. 

I see you and the work you’re doing, and the deeper you go into the muckiness, the more rewarding and fulfilling your life will become, and we are all deserving of being happy and content.

Blessings and Light,