The practice of writing down your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and life experiences is one of the most valuable and essential spiritual practices one can have. This practice is known as journaling or keeping a personal diary.

The practice of documenting your experiences, emotions, thoughts, and insights can help you move through life’s challenges as well as help you find solutions on your own by simply putting your thoughts to paper.

7 Benefits of Journaling:

  1. Connect with your Higher Self
  2. Manifest specific desires
  3. Become more psychic
  4. Remember your dreams
  5. Receive messages from your guides, crossed over loved ones, angels, etc.
  6. Jumpstart your creative flow to get moving
  7. Receive clarity with some of the challenges you may be facing

These are just a few of the many benefits you may receive from a regular journal practice. I have been shown by my guides the process of what is taking place in the etheric realms when we sit down and allow thoughts and ideas to move through us from the etheric realm into the physical. When you journal, an energy connection is created between the non-physical realms (etheric, non-physical you) and the physical realm (where we live). The act of journaling is another way of receiving Light from source. The information moves through you energetically as it makes the journey from your higher self to your personality and physical self. You receive a tune-up, and your batteries are charged for the time being. What if you really want to journal but don’t have anything to write about? I have a few of my suggestions.


  • Your blessings
  • Questions that have been struggling with and not finding the answers to
  • Your goals, intentions
  • Qualities you would like to embody for yourself
  • Prayers for yourself or others
  • Some of the areas in your life that you would like some assistance
  • What your best day ever would look like
  • Your achievements that were at one time challenges

I do suggest writing in your journal as often as possible. It does not matter what time of the day you journal. How, when, or where you write your entries is up to each individual. Journaling is and does look different for every one of us. There really is no wrong way to journal, the simple act of putting thoughts to paper and allowing a steady stream of consciousness to flow will be a blessing for you.

Hopefully, you now have a different view on journaling and will either continue to journal or will begin a journaling practice; the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.

Blessings and Light,