I honestly believe what we perceive as rejection in a relationship is a circumstance where one of the parties isn’t familiar with receiving unconditional love. I am speaking not only of romantic relationships but all types of relationships; family and friends as well. Often the other party doesn’t trust and isn’t able to receive unconditional love.

We then wonder what is wrong with us, when sometimes the truth of the matter is that the other party isn’t familiar with what unconditional love without any agenda looks or feels like. They may reject our love because they have been hurt in the past. Therefore, they may want no part of a relationship where the foundation is built upon unconditional love between both parties.

When this happens, I encourage my clients to bless the situation, surrender it up to Spirit, and then move into the vibration of loving the soul from afar. In doing so, we are accepting the dynamics of the relationship, and we step away from co-dependant relationship dynamics. Relationships don’t have to be so perplexing and challenging if we don’t internalize each interaction. Many beautiful souls are already accepting our love and many more who are on the same vibrational and consciousness level as we are.

Blessings and Light,