I have noticed something happening to me lately, especially since the recent global events, and I am positive that many who are reading this are having the same experiences as I am. I am usually a pretty decisive person who can make quick decisions and am confident in my decision-making abilities. However, over the last few months, I have found myself going back and forth, not trusting my problem-solving abilities, and even wanting to ask others to decide for me or, at the very least, ask them their opinions. While there is nothing wrong with asking others what they would do in the same circumstances, it’s entirely out of character for me to be in this wishy-washy space of flip-flopping sides and incapable of making decisions in areas where I had been confident in the past.

Then one day, it came to me what was happening. The AHA came to me as I stepped out of not knowing what to do next, and moved into my Higher Self and Wisdom Counsel Channel. A strong wave of reassurance came over me, and here is the Message that came through:

Channeled Message ~ 

You, like many others on planet Earth, are caught in between timeline realities and are time-hopping from different realities and perspectives. It is challenging to exercise critical thinking and problem solve while you are bouncing between different realities, downloads, and lenses. Every soul that is on the planet is in a place of magnificent soul growth, and with this magnificent soul growth time, there is also an adjustment period to integrate the “new” perspectives, beliefs, and realities. However, there is still much work to do with phasing out of the previous way of existing on the planet. As you rush to make your decisions, you are caught in-between and have not yet fully integrated these higher conscious methods of living and existing. 

What are you to do in this time of integration, downloads, and new soul-code activation? We have the answers! 

  • Wait, slow down, don’t rush to make a decision to get it over with. Pause, breathe, breathe into the area in question, and send the inquiry out into the ethers. 
  • Pray and ask for help during this time of challenge. You have many seen and unseen helpers that will help you in your time of need. 
  • Drink more water. Water keeps the flow moving within your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Don’t forget to bless your water with the more beautiful blessings life has to offer.
  • Be silent. By going silent, you can hear the whisperings and solid wisdom that exists within your very being. 
  • Surrender to the outcome that is for the highest and best good of all. Many different endings are potential outcomes. Some hold more joy for you than what you may realize.
  • Do not take anything personally, especially at this time. EVERY soul on the planet is being challenged, and not everyone can show their shining best.
  • You are multidimensional. Therefore, you exist on many different planes, and it can be confusing at this time to discern which reality is which hence, timeline hops and confusion. As was suggested before, be patient with yourself and others at this time. 
  • There has always been duality on this planet AND the inhabitants of this planet can and will experience different realities and truths. It is possible that two opposing sides are both correct and experiencing completely different realities even though they may be standing side-by-side. This occurrence will be more prevalent as time goes on. The hopping between timelines and realities will be more easily navigated in the future. 
  • Be patient with yourself. You may not feel like your previous self. You will probably never feel like your old self as you were. Trust us; you will like your new self more than your former self. Your new self will feel even more like home than how you previously existed.

These are exciting times, and these are challenging times. You have elected to be here during this awakening, and you have chosen to exist during the previous lifetimes where there was an awakening. You and your soul journey are essential and necessary for the awakening as you have previously been before in other lifetimes. You have the tools, know-how, and courage to live your life with zest, vigor, passion, love, wonderment, and authenticity within you, and yes, there are many helpers and way-showers along the way. If you’re going to make some ground-breaking changes for yourself, now is the time to take that leap, but don’t forget to look to make sure the ground is solid before you take that leap.

End of Channeling

So there you have it. I feel as if I was waiting to give birth over the last 24 hours as this Message was trying to come through not just for myself, but for me to share with whomever, this may resonate with. I’d love to hear your comments and responses because I do know it’s important to support each other when we are moving into unchartered territories. 

Much Love and Light,