Hathor, the Egyptian Sky Mother, Priestess, also known as The Great One With Many Names, has been guiding me for many years. I have been aware of an Egyptian presence yet wasn’t 100% sure of the identity of who was speaking through me. After a spiritual initiation into the Priestess Path, I was gifted her name, and she has turned up the volume and has come much closer into my field of awareness.

I will be sharing the downloads of channeled information that Hathor shares with me through this blog. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you, her love, wisdom, high teachings, and magical insights as I receive them over time.

I am the divine mother, goddess of the sky, fertility, love, and divine magic, and feminine presence that is alive and well and resides within every woman, and yes, every man that is on the journey to spiritual enlightenment. Once I am evoked for assistance, I will be available for support throughout that soul’s journey as is needed. My role is to anchor the frequencies of unconditional love, fertility, soul nourishment, and divine magick on planet Earth as well as in other celestial bodies or existence.The potential for anchoring divine presence depends upon the individual, where they are consciousness-wise, in their physicality, and their present belief systems.

One can and does align with non-physical beings such as; the higher self, guides, archetypes, and consciousnesses such as myself, whether they are aware of the connections or not. One does not need to be fully aware of who is present and assisting at any given time. What is essential is being respectful and appreciative of the assistance that is offered at any given time. A simple, thank you and being in ethical integrity is all we ask of those we are assisting.

I have much more to share and will share as time goes on. Please be aware that every person has a magnificent tribe of non-physical light beings that are with them at any given time.

Be Kind, Be Authentic, Be Love.

This transmission is complete.

Be well my children,