October’s Full Moon will take place at 11:38 pm EST on Sunday, October 13th. This month’s Full Moon is in the astrological time of the year, where we focus on our relationships. Libra Season is also known as Relationship Season. How has Libra Season/Relationship Season been treating you? For many, this season has brought a lot of attention to relationships across the board, and I mean all relationships; family, friends, romantic, co-workers, and the most crucial relationship, the one with oneself. How am I aware of what everyone is going through? Well, I am not claiming to be an expert; however, I interact with loads of people; clients, friends, family, staff, etc.
We add in the cosmic, fiery influences of Aries, and then tempers can flare, and then misunderstandings and hurt feelings often follow. The blessing of Aries’ power is that it brings what may be lingering under the surface to the surface to be addressed. As my Grandma always said, “Better out than in.” It is best to be clear, be honest, and we can do so with tact, grace, and love by blending some of Libra’s diplomatic outlook.
Let’s not forget that this is the Hunter’s Moon. Hunter’s Moon encourages us to think about the future. Map out what it is that we need to sustain us through the difficult times and then begin to stockpile these supplies to support us in the future. 
We all are given soul growth opportunities through our relationships. We have a plethora of teachers throughout our lives. We can see these relationship challenges and blessings as steps to becoming wiser, stronger, kinder, and loving soul entities. We can all agree that some relationships are easier on the heart than others. However, they are still purposeful.
I’ve included 6 different ways that can assist during Libra/Relationship Season:
  1. Don’t take everything personally. Not everything that is being said and done is meant to be projected towards you. Sometimes those triggers come up, and we automatically get triggered. Sadly, and thankfully, it’s not all about us.
  2. If you are feeling extra sensitive, stay off social media, and channel your inner hermit. Sometimes stepping away from the outside world helps us to discern what is us and ours and what isn’t. 
  3. Be present and listen, really listen to what others are saying and not saying to you. Healthy relationships are healthy because both sides respect each other enough to listen to what the other party is saying, not listening to respond.
  4. Ask and reflect upon your current relationships. Does my energy increase or decreased when I interact with others. Do I feel respected and held in a loving space, or do I feel unworthy and insignificant? If your answer is the latter, you then know what you must do for yourself. 
  5. Observe from a neutral space, whether you are or are not in equal energetic exchange with your relationships. Do you receive as much as you feel you give, or are you taking more than you share? 
  6. If you must interact with others, who tend to be negative, be proactive with your spiritual cleansing practices. Sage when necessary, cut those cords as needed, and spend lots of time clearing your auric field as is needed.
Relationships are mirrors. These relationship mirrors show us where we are at where we were and or where we are going. Healthy and supportive relationships are invaluable and are often lifesavers. 
May we be the loving, giving, joy-filled, and loyal people we wish to attract in our lives.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco