We start off July with a bang, bang! On July 2nd, we will have two cosmic events that will be taking place. We have a new moon AND a solar eclipse! This eclipse is going to take us out of our comfortable and safe place. It’s as if Spirit is taking away our woobies. We know the woobie may be old, dirty, and full of germs, however, deep down, we know the truth, and the truth is that the woobie has to go because the next phase of our evolution is waiting for us. Although letting go of the woobie might be a little scary for some, these combined energies are quite positive and are a welcome change from the same old patterns and routines that have become second nature to us.

The new moon is a prime time for planting new seeds and setting new intentions into motion. The sun is in the sign of Cancer and Cancer is sensitive, caring, and typically a homebody. I suggest re-evaluating your life and ask yourself if you feel safe and loved in your sacred spaces. Be proactive, and plant seeds that will create a more peaceful, loving, and solid foundation in your home and with your tribes.

A solar eclipse is a celestial event when the moon passes in front of the Earth and then blocks the sun for a short period. The spiritual significance of this occurrence is to acknowledge, embrace, and address the shadow work that is ready to be healed.


  • Don’t run from shadow work. Embrace these darker aspects of yourself. They are coming up for re-evaluation.
  • Add the yellow accents to your home, office, or space such as yellow flowers, pillows, pictures, or material.
  • Accept compliments, gifts, and assistance from those who want to nurture you. Resist the need to reciprocate the kind deeds immediately. Some of us automatically start thinking about how we can repay someone as soon as they do something for us.
  • Your emotional sensitivity may be off the charts, so don’t take anything personally.
  • Be open to social invites from friends and family. Get out there and mingle!
  • Tell those you love how what you adore about them.

This new moon and eclipse can bring us joy, security, a lighter, more trusting heart and will give us a significant jumpstart with the seeds we are planting during this lunar cycle if we don’t shy away from our shadow work. Don’t forget to keep up with your spiritual hygiene practices like saging, grounding, and aura cleanses. These practices are essential to moving out old energy as you welcome in the new.

Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco