This month, the New Moon also known as the Dark Moon falls on April 5th – April 6th. It’s an excellent time to focus on bringing in a new beginning such as a new job, a new home, a new relationship, a new health plan or even trying to bring in a new baby into your life. By using these 5 easy steps to tap into the new moon’s energy, you can easily tap into the moon’s energy to manifest a new beginning in your life.

New Moon Magic in 5 Easy Steps

Formulate Your Intention – I suggest working with one intention at a time. Take a little bit of time with this step, and know that what you put forth into the universe, you will be receiving guidance and assistance from the universe to make your intention come to life.
Gathering Supplies – Some of the supplies I use are – a piece of paper to write down my intention, a pencil, a journal to document what happens during this time, a candle, some crystals, essential oils, and some incense to place around my written intention on my altar.
Creating Sacred Space or An Altar To Place Your Intention – An altar is a focal point that you can use to connect with Spirit. Altar energy is a powerful vortex of energy and increases power the more you work with it. Your altar may be inside or outside, and I suggest you create an altar where it will not be disturbed.
Charging Your Intention – After putting all of my sacred objects and intention on my altar, I then state my intention aloud with my voice. Our voice has a powerful vibration, and it is the energy that sends our intention out into the universe.
Give Thanks and Let It Go – After I have lit my candle and read my intention aloud, I give thanks to Spirit and then release control of how, when, and where my manifestation comes together.
When working with intentions, it is not necessary to make the process a complicated one. I have found that the more straightforward the process, the quicker I see my results. I suggest using my five easy steps every month during the New Moon to help you be more productive and proactive when it comes to being conscious and aware of where you are putting your energy when it comes to personal goals.

Here’s to new beginnings!!!

Laurie Barraco