Psychometry with Laurie Barraco

Psychometry is the ability to use your sense of touch to feel and connect safely with the energy of physical objects, a person, place, and thing. We all can and do use psychometry to receive information, impressions, and messages, yet may not be aware that we are doing so. There are ways to enhance your intuition through psychometry that are quite simple and easy.

Let’s Feel the Energy

Hold both hands at chest level and fingertips pointing up and palms facing each other. Rub your hands together very lightly to stimulate the energy flow. Move your hands apart, closer together, then apart, feeling the flow of energy. Whichever side feels stronger or is emitting stronger energy is your dominant hand.

The other is your non-dominant or receptive hand. Always use your receptive hand in psychometry. When you are beginning your work in psychometry, always pick up or touch an object with your dominant hand, you may inadvertently transmit an impression as you do.

Which is your receptive hand? It is the less dominant hand. I am left-handed. Therefore, I would use my right hand. For most people, the dominant hand is the one they write with. I suggest using your receptive hand to receive things from others and to pick up something you may intend to use.

This possibly may be a challenge in psychometry because you are probably used to picking things up and holding them with your dominant hand. This practice will help you to remember to use your receptive hand for psychometric work. Turn on Those Hands A quick and easy way of warming up is to rub your hands together. It does awaken the chakras in your hands. (Yes, there are energy points in your hands) After a while, you will condition your hands to turn on in this way.

Is it necessary to rub them together? No, it isn’t, but this method works best for many people. Aside from Readings, When Can I Use Psychometry? To read and scan auras To see which foods are best for you To help locate lost people and or pets When out shopping for furniture, clothes, cars, etc. When selecting a pet to see if there is an energetic connection For healing, has anyone ever said, “feel this, (ex. a bump)”.

What do you do? You feel it to sense what information comes to you When purchasing crystals. I select them by hand to energetically “see” how they feel whenever possible. These are just a few of the examples where you can apply your skill of psychometry. The more you practice using psychometry, the more you will be able to implement it with your everyday life. What’s In the Envelope Exercise Supplies – a security envelope (or one you cannot see through), a pen, and an object only you have owned, touched, or had in your possession.

Privately place an object in the envelope, seal it, and give it to your partner. If you are in a group setting, make a little marking on one of the corners so you will know which is yours. Pass around the envelopes. Each person selects one envelope. If only two people are present,siply switch envelopes. Turn on your hands, then place the envelope between your hands. Write down your impressions of what the object is on one side of the envelope. Write down all of the information you receive – names, colors, initials, feelings, aromas, messages, etc. Do not worry about being right or wrong. If you are in a group setting, see if you can guess who the envelope belongs to. After receiving the information, be sure to either shake out your hands and or touch the ground or earth to disconnect from the object. Share your experiences by reading out loud your written information.

This is a fun exercise you can do over and over again. The more you practice this activity, the better you will become with your psychometry abilities. **Do not use an object that has been through trauma. This could have a negative influence on the person reading the object** Fun and Useful Tip The next time you go into a meditation, place your hands on your thighs, palms up, and request to have your energy centers open at the appropriate time and place and to be more sensitive only if it is in your best interest. This only needs to be done once.

You may notice an increase in the tingly feeling. Remember, everyone feels energy differently. It will help your success rate if you do not compare your results with others. Last but not least, be sure to ground out your energy after using psychometry along with your intuition. This can simply be done by putting your hands on the ground or floor, washing your hands with running water and sea salt, hold a crystal-like hematite or tiger’s eye, clapping your hands, and or saging your hands. It is essential to break the energetic connection so that you are not still energetically connected to the person, place or thing you were reading.

Blessings and Light, Laurie Barraco