We have all experienced times in our lives where life is chaotic, and our patience and faith have been tested. Usually, when things are not going well, and you feel that you may have lost your way, you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening is not as lovely and dreamy as it sounds. Often the way spirit gets us to grow and evolve is through challenges and a few dark nights of the soul. Through these challenges, we are provided the opportunity to make conscious decisions to work through our unhealthy habits and disconnect from toxic relationships and careers.

How Does One Know If They Are Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening?

  • You have zero tolerance for drama and gossip and cannot and will not be bothered by it.
  • You feel ungrounded, and your ability to focus is challenged.
  • You crave time alone to yourself and would like to be left alone.
  • You begin to question just about everything – your job, your lifestyle habits, your relationships and seek alternate healthier alternatives.
  • Your intuition is high, and your dreams are vivid and filled with tons of messages.
  • There is a breakdown of order in almost every area of your life; there are s@$!storms everywhere.
  • You do not feel like yourself. You may even be uncomfortable in your skin. It almost seems like you are living your life through different eyes.
  • The Tower card keeps popping up.

How To Manage These Shifts

  • • Be patient and gentle with yourself.
  • • Release judgment about how things look in the moment.
  • • Meditate
  • • Don’t rush to make huge changes without giving a lot of thought to your options and checking your resources before making a drastic lifestyle change.
  • • Get plenty of rest.
  • • Schedule a healing date with your favorite and trusted energy practitioner.
  • • De-clutter your home/office/car/mind.
  • • Sage yourself and your personal space.
  • • Carry and or wear grounding stones such as hematite, black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, fluorite, and or selenite.
  • • Pay attention and listen to your intuition. It is going to show you the next best step for you to take.
  • • Remind yourself of this truth – This too shall pass, and you will be stronger, wiser, and happier through these experiences.
  • • Journal, write down your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations.

There is no way to avoid challenges in our lives, and change is always constant. We might as well suit up, show up, put our best foot forward, and make the best of our experiences. Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.

Even though you may feel that everything is falling apart, the inner changes are recalibrating you for the next leveling up phase in your life. In time, you will look back at these dark nights as necessary times that helped moved you out of situations that no longer served you. 

You have made it through a few awakenings and will undoubtedly make it through a few more in the future. You’ve got this, you, Badass.