I have been using candles to enhance my magical intentions for as long as
I can remember.

There is something so beautiful and magical about the ritual of gazing
into the flame of a candle that has been charged, blessed and lit with the
intention of moving and shifting energy in your life.

Here are my top 10 favorite candle activities:

When I recognize that one of my chakras is out of balance, I often will
burn the corresponding color of the chakra that needs a little TLC. Root –
red, Sacral – orange, Solar Plexus – yellow, Heart – green/pink, Throat –
blue, 3rd eye – indigo, Crown – white or gold.
I love anointing my candles with oil to add a little extra oomph to my
magic. The type of oil I use depends upon my intention. Ex. for peace –
lavender or money – cinnamon. Be sure to research any oil before using it
on any candle for safety purposes.
When I feel the need to clear the energy in my home, office or personal
space, I burn a black candle first to clear and absorb the negative
influences and then I will burn a white candle to bring in the light and
I love to inscribe my candles with either a toothpick, pencil or
inscribing tool with my intention to bring in more of a personal touch to
my magic.
I utilize the phases of the moon to help me to either bring in or take
away energy. During the time of the Full Moon to the New Moon we are
taking away energy. From the New Moon up to the Full Moon we are bringing
in energy.
I always make a point of keeping track of how long it takes to burn my
candle. I will then use the timing to determine how long it may take to
manifest my intention. For example – If it took 3 hours to burn, then it
means my results may take either 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months to manifest
in the physical.
I often will use the flame as a divination tool by scrying into the flame
and allowing the candle wax and flame to speak to me, guide me and teach
me. I always read the wax during and after the candle has burned. You will
often find that there are pictures, symbols or initials in the wax.
When working in ceremony, I will use 5 different candles to represent the
5 elements and directions. Yellow in the east /air, Red in the south/fire,
Blue in the west/water, Green in the north/earth and White in the center
for spirit. The energy in the center is absolutely amazing and sacred. I
suggest that everyone must give this activity a try!
I infuse my Reiki energy into each and every candle I use. I add the Reiki
symbols to my candles which adds that extra, extra oomph to them. If you
have not yet received the Reiki II attunement, any power symbol would work
such as an Ankh, the Star of David, Pentagram or even a Heart can and
will enhance your magic.
I will invoke some non-physical helpers such as: archangels, masters of
light or ancient deities such as Isis or Lakshmi to help bring in the
energy to assist with my magic. There are many different resources that
you can refer to help you coordinate the proper colors, aromas, herbs etc.
to help align you with the energy of the light-being you would like to
work with.
I prefer to work only with my own intentions. Often people will ask me to
work a little magic for them. I am always careful to be sure free will
boundaries are not crossed and that the intention is in alignment with the
universal laws of morality and ethics. Never, ever, ever add someone to
your magic without permission!!

Don’t forget that a little candle magic does not take the place of being
proactive in your life and taking the initiative to change your life where
you know you are not happy or meeting your full potential.

I love using candles as a focal point for my magic and the element of fire
sure does gets the ball rolling!