Has there been a particular animal, bird or insect that has made itself known to you frequently or has shown up just at the right time where you may have needed validation? There are reasons why we have animal sightings and they all have meanings behind them to provide us with wisdom and validation.

Common Animal/Bird/Insect Messengers

  • Hawk – Pay attention to everything that is going on in that exact moment, a teacher may be coming in for you, can also be a warning, need for quick reassessment
  • Eagle – Strong messenger, of Great Spirit, you are blessed, protected, and higher consciousness thoughts are available to you at this time
  • Cardinal – father/grandfather figure in spirit is revealing himself to you, strong, confidence, you are in mastery in an area of your life
  • Bluejay – mother/grandmother figure in spirit is coming through, soft feminine guidance, family oriented time
  • Dog – loyalty, protection
  • Cat – mystical, astral travel, time for play, independence
  • Spider – you are weaving a web connecting ideas together, all things are linking up together, storyteller
  • Ladybug – lucky time ahead, you have the Midas touch
  • Owl – wisdom, nighttime activities, time for education
  • Dragonfly – spirit is all around you, a time of validation of being on the right path for your evolution
  • Wolf – teacher, family support, they live in packs, be sure to surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Snake – time of change, shedding the skin of the old, kundalini energy, also beware of the sneaky influences around you
  • Butterflies – time of transformation – a beautiful one at that, a shift inside and outside
  • Doves – a peaceful time ahead, romance, companionship is just ahead
These are just a few of the messengers that you may come across in your daily life.  I suggest purchasing Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak to keep on hand as a reference guide as different animals come to you. Sometimes we do need signs in our every day lives from spirit to help us confirm that we are on the right path or to be aware of what may lie ahead.
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco