After teaching Psychic Development for almost 20 years, I can tell you from experience that the most popular psychic sense that students seek to develop is the gift of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic energy in the form of; colors, shapes, people and visions of the past, present and future. For some, the ability to see psychic energy comes more easily than others. Don’t worry if clairvoyance isn’t your strongest gift. There are many tips on how to help develop the psychic sense of clairvoyance. FYI – Psychic “seeing” looks a lot different than how we view the world with our physical eyes. Sometimes clairvoyance appears to us as daydreaming. Be sure to keep this in mind as develop your clairvoyant abilities.
5 Tips To Become More Clairvoyant
1. Rub Your Third Eye – Try rubbing the area on your forehead, the area  between and just above your eyes. By doing so, you are stimulating and awakening your third eye, which is the physical area where clairvoyance comes from.
2. Crystals – Crystals can help enhance your intuition by wearing them as jewelry, placing them around the space you are in or simply by carrying them wherever you go. Some of the crystals that will help you open up to psychic visions are; amethyst, labradorite, lapis lazuli and clear quartz.
3. Ohm – Your third eye chakra and crown chakra vibrate when you chant the word OHM. Give it a try! They do vibrate, don’t they? By toning this word, the vibration of the word activates the third eye. I recommend toning OHM for at least 5 minutes a day. After a week or so, you will notice not only your clairvoyance abilities will increase but so will your other psychic senses as well.
4. Guided Meditation – Listening to guided meditations will help you trust the visions you receive as you follow along with the guided journey. When following along during your guided meditation, you are less likely to overthink the pictures as you receive them. Trusting what you “see” is a huge part of developing clairvoyant abilities.
5. Aromatherapy – There are several oils that help to develop clairvoyant abilities such as; frankincense, blue yarrow, patchouli, honeysuckle and peppermint. You can wear these oils, burn them in their herb/resin form as incense or place a few drops of oil in your oil diffuser.
Take your time and be patient with your progress as you work on developing your clairvoyant skills. It definately takes time, practice and trust and unfortunately there aren’t any shortcuts to becoming more psychic.
Enjoy the journey!
Blessings and Light,
Laurie Barraco